Public Speaking

Nick Saik

Speaker, Moderator, Storyteller, Consultant, and New Media Educator


As the driving force behind KNOW IDEAS MEDIA, I am an experienced communicator in the fields of agriculture, food, and their related sciences.

In addition to articles, interviews and public speaking engagements, I have a very active social media profile and a YouTube channel that features original videos every week. Those videos are often shared by significant food and agriculture sites, in addition to trending as high as #2 on popular sites like Reddit, with collective views for a single video on various major sites reaching as high as 35 million. I am proud to be known for being fair-minded, well-researched, and for presenting facts with both grace and humour. I am also very proud to be a source that is highly trusted within the agriculture industry.

As a speaker I have encountered many fascinating subjects in my work and have ready access to quality research around which to discuss almost any relevant subject. I can also create custom talks to suit most agriculture, science or media event themes, and for those same reasons I can often be valuable as a panelist for group discussions.

As a moderator conducting panel discussions, I function as a dedicated Rational Optimist. Through my various media and live appearances I have come to be known for specializing in the facilitation of healthy, respectful communication between insiders and the public, and am proud to be known for fostering particularly healthy and productive discussions between those with very different views.

As an educator I am neither a scientist or a farmer, which allows me to better understand the average consumer’s perspective. Thanks to many years of direct experience doing it, I have learned a great deal about what truly changes minds, how to build genuine consensus, and how to combat the usual challenges that range from zealous, aggressive activists, to planning a work day as a new media producer. Communicating these agricultural, food or science subjects has been deeply intriguing and my audience finds my own enthusiasm is generally quite infectious.

Due to a constant stream of new followers my work also requires me to repeatedly answer the same basic questions, ranging from basic science to ethics, to the explaining the differences in context between North America and the Developing World. Over time I have refined my descriptions and definitions, and I am often told that people find my explanations to be quite helpful when it comes to increasing their own overalll understanding. I believe that same flexibility also makes me an ideal last minute-fill in for those event organizers who’ve had a speaker drop out unexpectedly.


Sample Subjects

Agriculture and Production:

Farming Realities, Natural vs. Synthetic, Meat Morality and Ethics, The Future of Agriculture, Vertical Farming, The Organic and Regenerative Movements, Charitable and/or Research Foundations.

Science and Technology:

Genetic Engineering, Biomeat, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Biologics, CRISPR, The Science-Based Skeptic Movement, Food Tech, Precision Agriculture, Drought, Food Scientists, Government Food and Agriculture Regulations and Management.


Supply Chain Transparency and Blockchains, Food Ethics, Vegan and Vegetarianism, Industry Concentration, Food Safety, Counterfeit Food, International Food Markets and Trade, Population Growth and Agriculture.

Behavioural Economics:

Food Marketing, Food Activism, Food Costs, Food Fears, Clean Eating, Trust and Celebrity, Food Waste, Fake Science, Food Propaganda, Food Aid, Food Labelling, China India and Nigeria, Food and Commerce, and Food Pricing.

Agriculture in Society:

Food Regulation, Negotiating Consensus, Food and/or Agricultural Media, Population and Food, Morality and Food, Social Media Influence, Public Food Perception, Subsistence Farming vs Commodity Crops, Conspiracy Theories, Food History, Africa and the Developing World, The Non-GMO Project, The Environmental Working Group, Food Babe, Dr. Mercola and  David Avocado Wolfe, Generational Shifts and Food.



Nick Saik

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