What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Daycare

Though canines tend to enjoy a good relationship with other pets, social behaviors can be taught to the puppy via physical and verbal cues as the dog interacts with its companions. Doggy daycare is a great way to teach your dog the “dos” and “don’ts” of how dogs behave socially. The daycare experience has also comforted pet owners who are afraid or nervous.

As we juggle 40-hour work weeks, family obligations, and social calendars, our pets aren’t always getting enough exercise. Inactivity can trigger unwanted behaviors. Dogs can burn off their excess energy and learn to behave through time spent at a dog daycare, where they can be active, jump, and play under supervision.

Choosing the Best Doggy Daycare

Pet owners are faced with a severe obligation to choose a daycare. Your dog’s health is vital to you, and you only want the most for them. For this reason, it is crucial to make the right choice for your dog’s well-being and peaceful stay. This article provides suggestions for selecting a daycare for your furry friend.

1. Tour the Facility

Request the daycare’s manager to take you on tour around the premises to ensure your dog will spend time in a safe, clean, and well-maintained place. Make sure to look out for security measures such as double-gated entrances as well as sturdy and robust fencing, plenty of lighting, and rubber or epoxy flooring. 

It’s equally important to verify the daycare’s security procedures. A routine checkup can be availed while your pet is in the facility. A daycare can offer several services while your pet is staying with them.

2. Check How They Separate Pets

Dog daycares like East Orlando Animal Hospital concerned about the well-being of animals in their charge generally separate canines into play areas based on characteristics including size, temperament, and preferred way of playing. It’s vital to ensure that your four-legged friend is as safe as they can be while also ensuring they’re having fun with other canines.

3. Ensure They are Well-Staffed

Ensure your dog receives the attention and care required by asking about the ratio between staff and dogs at the dog daycare. Some states have laws requiring specific ratios between humans and dogs in dog daycares; it’s important to double-check with the business owner to make sure they comply. 

For instance, certain groups operating in the field of pet daycare favor a maximum ratio of 15 pets per employee. On the other hand, if your pet needs a surgical procedure, you can type in “animal surgeons near me” in your search bar for best results.

4. Look Into Scheduled Activities

When searching for a daycare provider, you should ensure that your dog is given enough space to run around and the opportunity to socialize and exercise alongside other canine friends. Contact the facility to inquire about the activities they have planned for dogs to engage in throughout the day. Training your dog and adjusting to its current behavior will aid in shaping your pet’s attitude.

5. Inquire About Boarding and Training

Dog boarding is an ideal alternative for pet owners who must leave their pets behind. Ask the center if it has boarding options so your pet can adjust to its new surroundings more quickly. Also, selecting a center that offers dog training is a good idea. You’ll be relieved to have one-stop shopping for your pet. Training will aid your dog in adjusting to daycare or boarding and make things easier at home.