Nature Teaches Humans About a Brand New Type of Flight

We Are What We Eat: The History of Humans and DNA

Glyphosate’s Hidden Secret

First World Food Imperialists

Why GMO Labelling is Ideology not Science

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A History Of Biotech

This video is dedicated to the men and women who have unlocked the secrets of genetics through their tireless work. The history of our understanding of DNA is fascinating, and the focus of this video […]

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KNOW GMO VLOG: Carrot Conspiracy

Is there a conspiracy afoot involving baby carrots?!? Not really. But as we’ve seen many times with food production, the intricacies aren’t always understood by the general public, and details can often be taken out […]

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Tractor Driving Man

You won’t believe how good this is. The documentary Bathtubs Over Broadway is about corporate musicals the public was never meant to see.  A farmer’s life is not complete if they haven’t heard this genuinely […]

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KNOW GMO VLOG: It’s Getting Better

This was recorded and posted on social media last summer but, in honour of Hans Rosling’s new posthumous book, we felt it was information worth revisiting because many people are asking the same questions today: […]

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