Day: September 5, 2022

Tooth Fracture in Your Pet Dog

It should not be surprising that our pet dogs can fracture or shatter their teeth, just like humans. Remarkably, animals don’t break their teeth more frequently, given the bizarre things some of them chew.  A tooth can sustain damage in many ways. Enamel and dentin loss, pulp exposure with or without bleeding, a darkly stained […]

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A Guide to Keeping Your Pet’s Heart in Good Shape

Our pets are unable to communicate with us when something is wrong. As a result, we must be especially vigilant. Internal pain in your pet is common, and problems are frequently missed. Simple routine steps can maintain your pet’s heart health and overall well-being. Animals can have cardiac problems like humans. Age-related or genetic cardiac […]

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Veterinarian-Supervised Pet Boarding: All the Rewards, None of the Hassles

Even the most forward-thinking pet parents might become overwhelmed by the number of decisions they must make daily. A lot goes into keeping your animal friend happy and healthy, including feeding routines, walk times, play dates, and vet checkups. As a result, many pet parents turn to the board to ensure that their pets receive […]

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