Ways to Extend Your Dog’s Life and Improve His Quality of Life

One of the most common searches for information about dog health is “How to make my dog live a long life.” This exemplifies how every pet owner secretly hopes their beloved pet will never leave their side. Without discovering the secret to eternal youth, you could help your dog live longer. Though some dog breeds naturally outlive others, these rules hold for canines of all sizes and ages.

Encourage a nutritious diet.

Thinner dogs tend to live longer than their fatter counterparts. A study indicated that dogs raised on a diet that was around 25% lower than what was considered “normal” had a lifespan that was about two years longer than dogs given more food.

You shouldn’t drastically reduce your dog’s calorie intake before consulting with a vet. Nonetheless, this study supports the conventional wisdom that a dog with a healthy weight lives a longer life due to the increased risk of cardiovascular illness and painful joint problems associated with canine obesity.

What you feed your dog is crucial, especially in terms of quality. Check the labels. Stay away from “meat byproducts,” sugary foods, excessive salt, and fillers. Choose dog food with full foods and ethical production methods to promote your dog’s health. Visit this link to learn more on pet preventive care. 

Exercise and outdoor fun.

Other options exist to maintain your dog’s fitness outside of a healthy diet. Your dog’s life expectancy can be greatly improved with regular exercise, which also has the added benefit of extending your own. Because regular exercise aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight, muscular mass, and cardiovascular system, it has been demonstrated to relieve stress, increase endorphins, and regulate mood and emotions in humans and dogs.

Taking her on long nighttime walks and jogs can help her live longer. Another way to reduce your dog’s stress and improve her quality of life is to let her play off-leash with another dog.

Maintaining mental fitness is also important.

Just like humans, dogs need cerebral exercise to thrive. Bored dogs are more likely to have mental health problems, including despair and anxiety. By keeping your dog active, you may extend her life. As she ages, it’s important to keep her mind active with training, interaction, games, and personalized attention.

You can still learn new skills with your dog, even if they’re getting on in years, by enrolling them in advanced obedience classes or a canine sport like agility or lure coursing. You will grow closer as you and your dog bond over your shared successes in learning new skills.

Don’t forget to clean their teeth.

Many pet owners fail to give their pets the dental care they need. Like many people, I don’t always remember to brush my dog’s teeth. Plaque, gingivitis, and periodontal disease can develop due to improper oral care, causing serious health problems for your dog’s heart and other organs.

The good news is that canine teeth are straightforward. Give her a good once-over with some toothpaste once a week, stock up on some safe chew toys and dental treats, and have your vet inspect her teeth for dog or cat teeth cleaning during her yearly checkups.

Follow your doctor’s advice.

In addition to helping your dog “maintain optimal health” as she ages, regular wellness exams can also serve as a useful medical history record. In addition, they help your vet spot issues early on, when they are more uncomplicated to treat and more likely to be resolved. Even if your dog is currently healthy, she should visit the veterinarian once a year or twice a year as she ages for preventative care and to learn more about your dog’s internal conditions to ensure a long and happy life.


No godsend products will extend your canine’s life far beyond her breed’s natural lifespan, and it’s a sad aspect of dog parenthood that people outlive pets. However, you may be able to extend her life with proper care, enrichment, and frequent veterinary attention. Keep your dog active and mentally stimulated, and treasure every moment of your time together.