Acceptable Alternative Pain Treatment Modalities for Pets

Some believe that dogs do not suffer from pain as much as humans do, as they don’t always display that they’re hurt. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth. The dogs initially attempt to hide any discomforts from our eyes because they’ve retained the instincts of their wild ancestors. Arthritis, joint and muscle injuries, and various diseases can cause extreme discomfort to pets for the same reasons they are for us.

Conventional pain relief medications are effective; however, they’re not your only choice. Many dog owners are turning to holistic veterinary care instead of conventional medical treatments for veterinary use. They can be used as supportive treatments to supplement your pet’s regular veterinarian care and improve their health.

Various Alternative Therapies for Pain

Human health improvements are being introduced inside animal hospitals. According to your veterinarian’s suggestions and your pet’s specific requirements, There are many alternative treatments you can pick. If you’re looking for alternatives to surgery and medication for your pet, you’ve found the right resource.

1. Massage Therapy

Pets seek affection. Physically touching them calms their bodies and provides them with their needed comfort. There are numerous nerve endings and sensory receptors in the skin, making it the largest sensory organ within the body. It allows it to perceive and transmit temperature, touch, and discomfort information.

Muscle relaxation is just one of massage therapy’s many advantages, which helps manage pain. Other benefits include better circulation, improved oxygen levels, reduced toxins, reduced inflammation, an enhanced immune system, and speedier recovery time. You can look for a vet online and visit their website to ask questions about your pet’s wellness.

2. Cold Laser Therapy

It is becoming increasingly popular as a different treatment method to relieve discomfort and pain in treating veterinary patients. Apart from being quick and, easy low-level cold therapy does not cause any discomfort for the patient. Coherent light waves are focused on tissues, muscles, and organs.

The therapeutic benefits of a cold laser are effective in treating inflammation and pain associated with disc and spinal issues. Cold laser therapy offered by reputable facilities like Mooresville Animal Hospital at Lake Norman provides similar results to non-steroidal drugs, but no adverse effects exist.

3. Hydrotherapy

Swimming, using an underwater treadmill, and other forms of exercise in the water are beneficial. Through this method, elderly dogs can finally make movement and exercise without any discomfort. The water exercise is a safe option for dogs suffering from injuries, diseases, or pain as the buoyancy of the water offers support, eases joint stress, and permits more freedom of movement. For your exotic pet, you can type in “exotic pet vet near me” in your search bar and ask if treatments like hydrotherapy is applicable to it.

4. Acupuncture 

The ancient Chinese Acupuncture method has been developed to open meridians, energy channels that flow throughout the body. By placing needles in certain areas of acupuncture, the blockages in the body’s energetic pathways are cleared, and the body’s energies are brought back in balance. Acupuncture has been proven to ease discomfort and reduce inflammation by increasing blood flow to the affected region. Instead of relying on pharmaceuticals like morphine and steroids, you may try acupuncture.

5. Chiropractic Care

Similar to humans, dogs can benefit from chiropractic treatment. The manipulation of the spine helps to maintain proper alignment. Different types of muscle and joint pain may benefit from this. Similarly, it helps dogs suffering from osteoarthritis, stiffness, arthritis, and repetitive injuries to the neck and back.

The dog’s mobility will improve, and any pain can be relieved with the help of an appropriate alignment. Only a trained chiropractor should adjust the spine, which isn’t always required.