How to Choose the Ideal Pet Boarding Facility

When choosing whether or not to board your pet, there are numerous factors to consider since not all boarding facilities operate similarly. Some facilities accommodate lots of dogs in a resort-like setup. Others provide in-home boarding, in which your dog or cat will stay in the house of one of the staff members. Some services even provide pet-sitting services, where a staff member will stay in your house while you are gone.

Choosing a Boarding Facility

When you’ve established which setup is ideal for you and your dog, you can start searching for a facility that meets your demands. Do your research: read reviews and ask your friends, family, and neighborhood for opinions on local facilities. Now that you’re ready schedule a trip to the facility. Seeing where your dog will be staying gives you a complete idea of the type of care they will get. A lot of your inquiries can often be answered in a single visit.

Are you uncertain about what to ask or look for? When looking for a boarding facility, keep the following six criteria in mind:

Examine the Requirements

The conditions pets need to follow to stay at a dog boarding facility are one of its most vital quality markers. Assume a facility has relatively loose requirements. In that scenario, pets may not have been adequately cared for or vaccinated. You should check to see if the boarding facility needs proof of current vaccinations, including rabies, Bordetella, and distemper. If not, your pet may contract a disease from an unvaccinated or medicated pet.


A reliable institution will ensure that bowls, beds, and floorings are sterilized properly. This protects your pet against easily transmitted infections in public places, such as puppy warts or kennel cough.


Is there sufficient staff to accommodate the number of pets in their care? Is there a connection between the facility and a local vet or emergency clinic? What qualifications do the staff members have? Is there at least one person on-site licensed in Animal First Aid?


Is the facility large enough to house the number of animals in their care? Is there a sleeping area for each pet? Is there a different location for the pets, both inside and outside?


How often are the dogs walked? How frequently have they been left alone? Do they spend the day having fun in a daycare facility, or are they taken for actual walks? For other details about pet boarding, you can visit their website like

Emergency Procedures

Ask if a vet is on-site to care for pets who become ill or require emergency treatment during their stay. Is there an in-house pet pharmacy to obtain your pet’s prescription on the same day without leaving the facility? If not, what are the facility’s procedures for obtaining emergency treatment for a pet?

Other Factors to Consider

Can they deal with your pet’s dietary allergies and particular needs? Are other services, such as grooming, training, and walking, available? Is there a cat dentist on-site? Are there any webcams you can use to monitor your dog? 

As a summary

Seek a pet boarding facility that genuinely cares about your pet. While most individuals consider pricing a significant concern, some examine other pet-care options. Your best friend’s health, well-being, and comfort can not be valued in terms of money. Finally, researching and selecting the correct facility can give you peace of mind and ensure you and your pet are happy while you are away.