Day: November 2, 2022

Torn ACL in Dogs: What Should You Know About This Injury?

Dogs, like humans, are susceptible to tearing their anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs). CCL refers to the cranial cruciate ligament, a narrow band of connective tissue in dogs’ knees (CCL). Due to anatomical differences, the CCL in a dog is always bearing weight, making it more susceptible to wear and tear damage than the ACL in […]

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How to Choose the Ideal Pet Boarding Facility

When choosing whether or not to board your pet, there are numerous factors to consider since not all boarding facilities operate similarly. Some facilities accommodate lots of dogs in a resort-like setup. Others provide in-home boarding, in which your dog or cat will stay in the house of one of the staff members. Some services […]

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Five Things to Consider before Buying Insurance

There are times when you question whether you made the right choice. Certain decisions could affect the financial position of your family. It’s a standard error to put your money in the fingers of a family member or agent who recommends a financial product from a particular company or bank. Your mind is confused about […]

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