Nature Teaches Humans About a Brand New Type of Flight

We Are What We Eat: The History of Humans and DNA

Glyphosate’s Hidden Secret

First World Food Imperialists

Why GMO Labelling is Ideology not Science

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Know GMO: Trailer #3

What if the most dangerous thing about our food is our beliefs?  The KNOW GMO Project is meant to help people make a more informed decision about their food, without being mislead by fear.  Join […]

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Know GMO: Trailer #2

How do we have a discussion and dialogue about producing food?  A sneak peek at interviews with Dr. Gonzalves, Dr. Ania Wieczorek, Rhonda Stoltzfus and Mark L. Wood.

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LEARN GMO Episode 1

Half empty or half full? Watch Episode 1, Part 1 of LEARN GMO as we find out if our collective glass half empty or half full. Millenial, Nick Saik, turns to his ag father, Robert […]

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LEARN GMO Episode 2

Are we screwed or not?  Why are farmers so optimistic when they are responsible for feeding more and more people? Doesn’t modern farming have a negative impact on the environment? And what about the technology […]

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LEARN GMO Episode 3

Why are there two kinds of farming? Organic and Conventional farming practices are built on different approaches but when put side by side, how different are they? Commonalities exist, and it might surprise you to […]

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LEARN GMO Episode 4

Why are there two kinds of food?  In this episode of LEARN GMO, Nick tries to figure out why we have Organic and GMO in the first place. Rob turns Nick towards some interesting facts […]

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